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​Fabian Brown brings professionalism with everything he does. "I'm nobody special. The secret to my success is finding the best person in any particular industry and studying their moves. I am a life learner, so each day my goal is to be better than I was yesterday. A better husband, a better father, a better musician, a better entrepreneur. I have just humbled myself and networked with people who are better than me so I can learn from the best." 

Throughout Fabian's career he has demonstrated success in the music industry, education, and business. He has also participated in various campaigns and volunteers frequently to charitable organizations. "There is a lot of go-getters out there, so I took on the possibility of being a go-giver. It's important to support and give back to people and organizations who do not have the means and sometimes just simply need a little help. The result is seeing my children following in the same foot steps and taking on volunteering as a part of their lives." 

Fabian's 17 year old daughter campaiged for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a candidate for The Student of The Year program. Fabian is currently campaigning for the Project Feeding Kids to help end childhood hunger right here in the United States! 

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"Fabian is an excellent musician with an unbeatable attitude and personality. He is a strong leader, team player and consumate entertainer. They don't get much better than Fabian! He is on our A+ short list." ...

Norma Michaels President | Owner at Norma Michaels Entertainment
"Fabian was detail oriented, professional, creative and energetic. He listened to everything we wanted and developed a great party plan. It was clear he spent a lot of time preparing and his energy and enthusiasm really made the evening great. I highly recommend working with Fabian for any big event."...

Deena L. Betze
Borger Matez,PA
"Fabian is a talented and outgoing professional with people skills and tenacity alike. He is a valuable member of any team, whether it be behind an instrument, brainstorming, or negotiating. Fabian also possesses old school ethics that give him integrity many people lack."...

Jeremy Grenhart
Co-Founder of
Illadel All Stars LLC
"Fabian is very motivated, detailed, energetic, and inspiring."...

Michele Osborne
Editor Tattoos for Women
Senior Staff Photographer for Tattoo Revue & Skin Art Magazines

​Fabian Brown is a loving father to his ten children Daniella, Gabriella, Antonio, Isabela, Sarah, Isaiah, Jonah, Talon, Romeo, Bobby, and devout husband to wife Danielle for 13 years. A musician, educator, and entrepreneur in various industries, Fabian is continuously evolving with the climate of the times. Committed to personal and professional growth, Fabian is just excited about designing his life to do the things he wants with the people that matter the most!  

Fabian Brown's strengths are in his abilities to find balance with faith, family, and business. From the playground to the executive conference room, his goal is to be effective with communicating his ideas clearly and confidently with any organization. Focusing on innovation with unique ideas and concepts, Fabian creates value and excitement for individuals and businesses alike through his skills, network, and dedication to success. . 

Fabian's daily mission is to teach and inspire people to live in their highest-self based in courage, purpose and joy verses fear, need, and obligation. He loves to seek out and attract success-oriented leaders that are open minded and chose to continuously grow and develop their integrity, make brilliant choices, and take actions that produces results. 

Fabian Brown's goal is to create a network of influential individuals dedicated to creating something substantial for their family and friends..
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With Philadelphia's Mayor Nutter
With Jacquelyn Frazier 
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With Casey Snyder
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With Carrol Riddick & Matt Cappy
My company has joined forces with Feeding America with a commitment to fighting childhood hunger. With a goal of completely ending childhood hunger, the non-profit provides balanced, healthy nutritious meals to the children who need it the most. 100% of proceeds go to meals, education and meal-related programs. We believe it is our responsibility and privilege to help feed children in need. 

Anyone who becomes my customer and pays their bill can help because we make a donation every time our customers pay their bills! It is just that simple. Together we can help impact the lives of children right here at home. Find out more at fabianbrown.acndirect.com 

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